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Music sites where 'The LAY Family' have accounts or are linked*
:  -- Facebook home page  --  Site for bands & to find a band  -- Bluegrass bands across the country - look under 'all bands'  --  Bluegrass information  --  Home page; family information  --  Home page; family banjo videos  --  Home page; family fiddle videos  --  Home page; family videos
h* --  Gospel music festival - look under KS* --  Music barn in Conway Springs, KS that meets Sept - March* --  Affordable, good quality instruments where we've been buying for years

Newspaper/Newsletter/Web links of 'The LAY Family': - Ark Valley News article about our 4/24/09 concert -- Wichita Eagle Newspaper 3/09 concert -- Brandon, I rating  -- 12/08 concert -- Travis, 11/08 Lighting of Christmas Tree  Front page news --  7/08 -- Brandon rec'd $3,350 scholarship '07 -- Our Family as well as Travis won 3rd place 6/09!

Family bands
(*we've heard in person):

"KANSAS" (Sorry, but I've gotta list KS first!!!!)* --  Ozawkie, KS; very professional family band from our home state!

"OKLAHOMA" (OK gets listed 2nd because I, the mother, was born in OK!!!)* --  Edmond, OK; talented, large family band!  Gotta hear 'em!* --  Perry, OK; family band with 2 boys that play banjo/mandolin/fiddle!* --  Bennington, OK;  Great music ministy for the Lord!

"ARIZONA"  --  Cochise County, AZ; family band with 8 children!

"MISSOURI"* --  KS City, MO area; The Chamber family band.  Good music & good family!  --  Southwest MO area; large family band with 6 children - great website!

"TEXAS"* -- Collinsville, TX; great family with great harmony/7 children - check them out!* -- Burton, TX; great music/great family, 5 children - you'll love 'em!


"KANSAS"  --  Timber Creek band, great bluegrass music.

"OKLAHOMA"  --  Great group of guys - you've got to check them out!

Miscellaneous sites
: -- Blog site of a cousin that came through KS & attended our concert.  Lots of photos!  This direct link is about our family. -- Greater Oklahoma Bluegrass Music Society - website full of bluegrass information.

Children sites
:  --  Great place to donate items and/or financially!  --  Childrens home we've been familiar with for a few years now. 

Church websites
: -- Maize Congregational Church - great friends of ours with good old Christian values - where we attend  --  Valley Center Christian Church in Valley Ctr, KS

Great family movies
:  --  DVD; "Never leave your partner behind"  --  DVD; great story in learning how to deal with tough situations  --  DVD; story of restoring classic auto & God restoring life!

Search engines
:  --  popular site used by a lot of people  --  another good site; The LAY Family can be found

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The LAY Family from KS with 8 children performs bluegrass, gospel, classical, clogging, juggling, sign language, more....