The LAY Family Bluegrass Gospel Music


UPDATE: As of 11/09 we've had over 40,000 viewers
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5/21/09  "Wow, you guys are awesome!  Thanks for playing in the talent show".
T. Hayden/Middle School Principal

Valley Center, KS

4/25/09  "That's awesome that Brandon made a "I" at State and Travis & Joshua at PL!!!  What talented kiddos you have! : ) You should be very proud!!"  (Referring to Brandon, Travis & Joshua all making a "I" in the same week at contests)
Chelley/Violin teacher
Wichita, KS

11/1/08  "Please relay to your beautiful, talented family how much we enjoyed their performance.  We really appreciate you being a part of the Valley Center Christmas Tree Lighting, and we were honored to have you on our stage.  You all were delightful and everyone really seemed to enjoy the evening.  Best of luck in the future!
Pam/Le Venue Event Coordinator
Valley Center, KS

10/4/08  "Here are the pictures I took of your family during the Kids Band Contest in
Guthrie, OK.  I looked over your website and I sure do like it.  I noticed your family is a Gospel Grass Band.  The band I play in is a Gospel Grass Band also.  (Graystone Bluegrass Revival from Oklahoma)  I must tell you that I was blessed to hear the family sing and play their instruments.  I hope our paths cross again soon."
Danny Watters
Editor-Greater Oklahoma
Bluegrass Music Society

10/1/08  "The Lay Family who performed in the afternoon were adorable.  And some of the older children are going to be wonderful musicians.  All in all, it was a great weekend!"
Sue S./Emma Chase Cafe (Broom Weed Festival 9/27/08)
Cottonwood Falls, KS

8/1/08  "I’ve been around a long time and seen a lot of things, but I have NEVER seen anything like your family!  It shows, in everything you do, that you are involved in your children’s lives.  You bring back a lot of good memories!"
Bob Gambill/Chaucer Estates resident
Wichita, KS

7/10/08  "You guys were perfect. It was just what I imagined.  Thanks again!  You are a great family!!"
Shelley Hansel/Chamber Of Commerce Director
Wellington, KS

7/8/08  "We again want to thank you for the great job you and your family did Sunday night. You truly are a very talented group."
Pastor Micah Bryan/Community Church
Lyndon, KS
7/7/08  "YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!  You are all very talented and we were the privileged ones.  There were others that when you and Travis played Clinch Mountain I heard them say it gave them goosebumps.  I think the show was a success and I know I enjoyed it very much."
Julie Stutzman/audience attendee
Lyndon, KS

7/7/08  "Thanks so much for coming!  I have been hearing great things about Thursday, especially the music!!!!"
Cherie Wohlgemuth/Schowalter Villa Retirement Community Events Coordinator
Hesston, KS

2/13/08  "Thank you for coming to the show!    Your family was a huge hit and was enjoyed by all.   A lot of people came by and expressed how wonderful the band was.   Would like to talk with you about attending next year's show, sometime in the future.  Thanks!"
John LaRoe & The Wichita Train Show Committee/owner of Engine House Hobbies
Wichita, KS

3/16/08  "Wow, you guys were great!!!!  I really think it was a great evening.  Everyone was having a good time. I've gotten more e-mails today about last nights show than I have ever received after any other program.  Your family has so much potential.  You can be so proud.  Just remember that when we start up next September, you're always welcome to come and perform again."
John Chitwood/owner of Chitwood’s Music Barn
Conway Springs, KS

1/25/08  "We would be honored to have you back!  You are in demand.  We got VERY positive feedback from other vendors and customers when you were there, so we'd be thrilled to have you."
Ben Bolte/KS Grown Farmers’ Market
Wichita, KS

5/21/08  "Well, your family never ceases to amaze me.  I can’t even put into words how much I enjoyed watching you perform today.  I love every opportunity possible of watching the boys perform, but you out did yourself today.  That was truly a treat.  Your family did wonderful, and I heard nothing but pure pleasure from everyone.  You are truly blessed with wonderful and talented children.  I look forward to the rest of them coming through our school.  Have a terrific summer."
Kim Barnes/middle school math teacher/talent show judge
Valley Center, KS

10/16/07  "Your kids are amazing.  Congratulations to Travis and his parents who absolutely play such an important role in the success.   Good work ethics are not abounding among young and old alike.   Keep up the great effort."
Jan Clark/middle school music teacher
Valley Center, KS

"A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold."        Proverbs 22:1

The LAY Family from KS with 8 children performs bluegrass, gospel, classical, clogging, juggling, sign language, more....